The weekend discussion: “If you were stuck on an island, what three games would you play?”

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This weekend discussion is the eternal hypothetical: you’re stranded on an island, and naturally you’ve got the resources (electricity, shelter from the element) to play games (it’s a hypothetical, not a reality).

So, assuming you were going to be stuck on this island for a long time, and could only have three games to play. What three games would they be (and if you want to make a long post, why)?.

Have at it! 🙂

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  • So to kick the discussion off…

    As a fan of RPGs, I'm going to pick three of those; not because I don't like any other genre, but because if I've got limited choices in games, I want games that are going to last me a long time.

    With that in mind, for a WRPG, I'll go with Dragon Age: Origins, which gives me an excuse to play through it six different times (different characters have slightly different storylines). 6 x 50 hours = 300 hours of play.

    For the JRPG, I'd probably go with Atelier Meruru, which I find to be wonderfully charming and happy – the perfect foil to the often dark and depressing Origins.

    And then I think my third choice would be Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones on the Wii – a challenging, strategic game to keep the brain matter occupied.

  • Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, and PSO on Dreamcast/Gamecube.

    Super Metroid/Super Mario 64 mainly because I do enjoy speed running, even though I'm not particularly good at it. The way that these two games were built allows a technical player to really abuse the heck out of the game as you find shortcuts or techniques to quickly speed your way through. I figure I'll be spending days and months to perfect these techniques.

    PSO on Dreamcast/Gamecube… because I want my Heavens Punisher back from the old days. 🙁

  • I'd be cheap and bring three multi-game collections like that Mega Drive compilation with 40+ games (hey, it's technically a game).

    If forced to make individual choices, I'd grab stuff with a ton of replay value. Brawl would last long, especially if I had three other people conveniently stranded with me. Maybe Metroid Zero Mission since I'm into speed-running it and Sonic Adventure 2 because of how in-depth the virtual pet Chao can get.

  • That's actually a pretty tough question! I'll go with:
    Doom- because it sits at the top of my all time favorite list and I never, never get tired of it…
    Warcraft 2- pretty much for the same reasons as Doom, but also because I used to really like making new maps so the game would have an infinite replay. (come to think of it, I think I've made about a billion Doom levels in my time too)
    Super Street Fighter II Turbo- never got tired of this one either. 2D fighting perfection.
    SSF2T just barely beats out Diablo 2 for me, which makes me really take note because I've never really considered myself a PC gamer first- and yet most of the games that came to mind when I read the post were of the personal computer persuasion. Live and learn.

  • Now I want to write a book about a games reviewer being sent against his will to an Island to play games in solitude for a very long time. The book will chronicle his decent into madness, from trying to play games with his feet to hanging Sega Genesis controllers from the D-pad and creating a shrine of Shigeru Miyamoto (obviously he will have access to every issue of Nintendo Power ever made)…

    Anyways, here are my three picks;

    #1. Terraria

    I've played this game for over 75 hours and I have yet to get to the Hard Mode. It's also one of my favorite games of this generation; it's basically 2D Minecraft, only tailored to action-platformer fans. The only thing that I might regret by bringing this over is that I don't have easy access to the wiki. =P

    #2. Kid Icarus: Uprising

    I live for games like Kid Icarus: Uprising; I love its cheesy humor, I love its crazy gameplay, and I love that it really does wow me when I expected it not to. Yeah, the controls are a bit wonky, but I can excuse that when everything else about the game just makes me smile with glee.

    #3. Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World

    Yes, I'm cheating with this one, but if I had to choose one it would by Super Mario World. In the never-ending debate of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, I firmly stand on the SNES side of the Argument. To me it felt like the Mario formula was perfect and yet made unique at the same time. Don't get me wrong; Super Mario 3 is perfection to a T. But it's not unique; It's a Mario game but not a whole lot else. Super Mario World, on the other hand, is perfect but unique; there's no other Mario game that reminds me of the style present in Super Mario World. The reason I chose the compilation was to provide me with countless ways to compare and contrast the Mario games to the point that I spend weeks just thinking about them and their numerous ways of functioning.

  • I just knew someone would pull the 40-games-in-one card 😛

    I should change one of mine to the (sadly, Japan only) Dragon Quest Collection!

  • I worded that really badly, didn't I?

    I did mean Sacred Stones, it's just that my Gamecube died, and I've gotten so used to Sacred Stones on Wii it essentially feels like a Wii game to me.

    If that makes sense – I do think SS is a better game than Radiant Dawn, personally.

  • "Is there some crucial game I missed that just happens to be on the Wii?"
    Haha, my FAILURE to copy/paste one line from your original post might have failed to set the right tone.

    "I love its cheesy humor, I love its crazy gameplay, and I love that it really does wow me when I expected it not to."
    Do you perhaps enjoy the Punch-Out!! games any?

  • "I did mean Sacred Stones, it's just that my Gamecube died, and I've gotten so used to Sacred Stones on Wii it essentially feels like a Wii game to me."

    So, are you saying you had a GameCube version that you play on the Wii? LOL…
    *realizes the complete failure of not brewing a pot of coffee tonight, might have impeded reading tonight!

  • Oh goodness, no! It's me that has gone ans confused myself. Sacred Stones is the GBA game, I meant Path of Radiance, the GC one!

    Mental note to self: wake up before posting!

  • Oooh this is a tough one! As it's going to be a while I'm going to go with games that are moddable/replayable:

    Worms World Party on the PC. This one's an old favourite, enough game modes and mapmaking tools to keep you busy for a good while.

    Advance Wars on the DS. Same as above, challenging maps with ever the chance for a higher score.

    Diablo II: The never-ending treasure hunt!

  • Yeah, I enjoy the Punch-Out!! games but I wouldn't enjoy them on the same level as Kid Icarus: Uprising. I can think of a few reasons for that and the biggest would be that the types of humor present in both games are entirely different. In Punch-Out!! the humor is very upfront and seems contrived in a way. In KI:U the humor is hidden behind the story and seems natural when it occurs.

  • So a hypothetical island with electricity, water, shelter, food, no one bothering you and plenty of free time for gaming? Where do I sign up? 😉

    I saw this post late last night and it's an interesting question, but difficult to pick three. Do you pick your absolute favorite games and risk the chance at completely burning out on them? Perhaps that's way too much thought than it's worth…


    1) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

    How can you not pick this game about link being stranded on a weird island? Will you eventually wake up as well just to discover it was only a dream?

    2) Super Mario World

    I have this on Wii and never had a chance to finish it. I played a lot of SMB3 back in the day, but never SMW so it's quite refreshing. For the age of the game I think it looks really good too.

    3) StarCraft

    There might be more nostalgia speaking here where I would pick this over SCII, I'm not sure. I bought this on launch day in 1998 and I can't imagine how many hours I logged. Who else was all over multiplayer via direct dial-up modem?

    ..and in my usual style I haven't finished any of these so that's something to strive for on the island.

  • I liked Matt's Dragon Age: origins for that very reason. There's a ton of replay value to be had there, so why not? That would be one.

    Can i count all 3 mass effects as a single game? Probably not, so I will go with Mass Effect 3 (but I'm bringing all of my save files from Mass Effects 1 & 2!)

    I will say Skyrim (with the upcoming expansion) then for #3 since that game was built to be a time-killer.

    I was going to add that if I had internet, I'd go for WoW since that's been my life's single biggest video game time-killer (even though I don't play anymore), but that might be purpose defeating since I could then plead for help. 😛

  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: I bought this game over 6 years ago, then re-bought as an Amazon Download because I lost the original game disc, and now started playing it because my PC from 6 years ago is a mortal weakling for PC gaming. I have a semi-gaming laptop. Anyway, this game is both fun and a time-killer, and I have a ways to go.
    Resident Evil 4 GCN: Nostalgia and awesome blend of horror and shooting. Got this game around summer when I visited my relatives and visited an amusement park. Good times.
    Call Of Duty Black Ops Wii: I love to shoot with the Wii Remote, and multiplayer is just mindless fun.

  • Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Grand Theft Auto III (PS2). Three awesome games which show the best of the hardware but are also classics in their own way. Galaxy for the diverse range of levels, GTA III for pushing a lot from the hardware and Ocarina of Time for making arguably the best game ever better.

  • BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (yeah, that counts! FLUX alone would last me months)
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (maybe I'd finally get all of the trophies and stickers)
    Metroid Prime Trilogy (never played much of these; this would be a good excuse)

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