Harvest Moon and The Legend of the River King coming to 3DS Virtual Console

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Two more Game Boy Color titles will be making their way to the 3DS’ Virtual Console service: Harvest Moon and The Legend of the River King. 
The first title revolves around farming and villager relationships whereas The Legend of the River King is focused on fishing and rescuing a relative. Both games are remakes of prior releases on the original Game Boy, upgraded from their grey-scale brethren. 

These two re-releases also represent a new effort from Natsume to increase its focus on digitally distributed titles. This push will extend to the other platforms the company releases titles on.

Natsume did not specify a release date for either title, so fans will still need to play the waiting game. Either way, this should provide a reasonable boost to the Game Boy Color’s digital catalog, which currently contains only 5-8 games depending on region. 

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