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Does the idea of playing another zombie game leave you flat? What if I told you they had giant zit heads and you got to play dermatologist?

Yes, giant zit heads, you read right. See, in Zombie Burst on iOS most of the world’s populace has been turned into zeds by some contaminated water… in Chicago… and their heads are… oh, just watch the trailer.


Additional Zombie Burst Game Features:
  • Four Zombie Classifications to Annihilate: Pea Head, Brains, Gallon and Dome – each has its own unique strengths and characteristics that make it difficult to catch and kill
  • Goo Galore: Every bursting brain splatters goo on the screen making it increasingly harder to see the enemies; be quick to clean the screen or suffer deadly bites
  • 10 Levels: Destroy thousands of zombies through 10 challenging unlockable levels, each set in environments inspired by real Chicago locations and landmarks from a dismal bathroom and monumental movie theater to a glowing gas station and legendary Lower Wacker Drive.
  • Lethal Leaderboards: Become the ultimate zombie destroyer and track your achievements and rank in Game Center; increase your standing as you replay unlocked levels
  • Bonus Content: Keep the zombie battle fresh with new levels, characters and in-game content released through updates shortly after launch
Zombie Burst will be available soon on the App Store for iPhone for a cool .99 USD. Just make sure you don’t eat anything greasy before you play. Don’t want to clog those pores you know.

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  • Gigantic puss-filled pimples?  All of a sudden I feel like a teenager again haha.  I like this fresh take on zombies, if I wasn't such an anti-Apple person I would definitely look into it!

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