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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Xbox Live Update- yep, it's Minecraft time

Is there anything other than Minecraft in this week's update to Xbox's online marketplace? Yes. Is there anything that you're likely to care about? Uh, no probably not.

I have to admit, I never really got into the whole Minecraft 'thing'. It just didn't hold any interest for me, but it sure did (and does) for a whole mess of other folks. There is no arguing that the little game that could has become an absolute force in the gaming world. It's even got a LEGO set on the way for goodness sake!

So, I did promise other stuff, just in case (like me) blocky graphics and exploding textures don't do it for you right? And with that in mind we've got, uh, oh, well... a really nice sale on Tom Clancy games! Aaaaaaand... that's it.



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Xbox Live Update- yep, it's Minecraft time
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