Max Payne 3 soundtrack has HEALTH

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HEALTH being a band. Don’t worry about ol’ Max, he’s still as unhealthy as always.

One of the things the Max Payne series has always been known for is it’s noire atmosphere. This time around, the game is getting a full blown digital soundtrack that’ll be both composed and recorded by the LA based band HEALTH.

The album will be available on May 23rd, with lead track TEARS (do they like caps or are they yelling?) dropping a little earlier on May 15th as an iTunes single. You can catch bits of that song in the TV spot below.

“Working on the soundtrack to Max Payne 3 was a great experience,” said John Famiglietti of HEALTH. “Rockstar gave us the freedom to bring our own sound to Max’s dark story, and we’re really proud of the results.”
HEALTH’s unique blend of rock, powerful drums and electronic soundscapes lends itself perfectly to the score for the game. Taking influences from Brazil, Max’s native New York and the themes of the ori
ginal games, HEALTH have put together a fantastic soundtrack that perfectly embodies the tone and the atmosphere of Max Payne 3. Distinctive arrangements unique to each level accompany Max on his journey through the game’s locations, perfectly framing the game’s epic action sequences and the dark and gritty story.

“By using a band instead of a traditional composer, we’ve created a soundtrack that sounds completely unique,” said Ivan Pavlovich, Rockstar soundtrack supervisor. “HEALTH have created hundreds of hours of amazing music for the game’s score, and distilled it into a devastatingly moody and atmospheric soundtrack album.

Also worth noting is that some of the DJ mixes from Brooklyn NY based ‘collective’ Trouble & Bass will be available as a totally free download sometime after the game releases.

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