Mario Kart 7 leads on the Nintendo Download

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Mario Kart fans, your patch has arrived.  Non-event? Maybe, but you’ll need it if you like multiplayer.

As updates go, this one’s really just a patch when you get down to it. Even though Nintendo is calling it an update, what the download actually contains is a package of fixes for three courses in the base game and the ‘ability’ to continue to play online multi. If you don’t have the update, you won’t be able to play online anymore (though local is still just fine).

Much more interesting this week though, is that the fantastic platformer Rayman Origins is up as a demo. If you like running and jumping with incredible detailed 2D artwork as the backdrop, you’ll at the very least like this little limbless fellow. And if you’ve yet to play Origins- then grabbing this demo is a no-brainer.

Also this week: another Kirby game hits the 3DS’ Virtual Console, the Men in Black return in a new video from the upcoming movie, and Vampires look around for interesting stuff in Chronicles of Vampires.



  • Mario Kart 7 update — continue to play online with this cheat erasing update to the excellent kart racer.
  • Kirby’s Block Ball – $2.99 — Kirby™ takes center stage in this frenzied, block-clearing free-for-all. Use the paddles on all four sides of the screen to bounce Kirby around and destroy the blocks and enemies
  • Rayman Origins — Meet the new crazy. Rayman Origins is a comic adventure set in a lush world with more than 60 levels, teeming with secrets and crazy enemies. Taking advantage of the StreetPass™ feature, you can share your progression, number of collectibles, time played, unlocked achievements and avatar with others. A demo version is now available in the Nintendo eShop.


  • Men in Black 3 in 3D — They’re back! Men in Black hit Nintendo Video™ this week with the trailer for the latest installment in this epic franchise.


  • Chronicles of Vampires: The Awakening – $4.99/500 points — Guide Linda as she moves between the worlds of people and vampires as you explore chilling locations, uncover hidden objects, and solve mind bending puzzles. Defeat the conspiracy of wicked creatures and rescue humanity by uncovering the shocking truth in the final episode of Chronicles of Vampires!

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  • Downloaded the update a while back, and I also bought Block Ball. A good week and Game & Watch Gallery 2 is due out next week. I might get that too.

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