The Xbox Live update wears a Fez

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Getting a lot of positive word of mouth this week is the 2D/3D platformer Fez. If you don’t like that, there’s always The Splatters.

Lets get back to Fez for a sec though, because this little title looks pretty special. Fez is a pixely platform game that takes a very unique approach to it’s story and setting.

As a 2D being, the main character Gomez is suddenly introduced to a third dimension. But it’s the way that this 3rd ‘D’ is factored into the game that makes it stand out because Fez explores it via a totally 2D interface. So that means that you can take on a particular path by heading in one of four different 2D perspectives. Beyond neat and doesn’t make tons of sense till you see it in action.

Now The Splatters on the other hand, isn’t quite so deep. This one is about a group of suicidal blobs that like to explode in beautifully creative ways. It’s pretty, and extremely odd.

Also available this update- the goofy Sour Patch Kids licensed game World Gone Sour and some excellent sale prices on Call of Duty DLC.


  • Fez- Look at things from a different perspective as 2D meets 3D.
  • The Splatters- 800mspts — Go ‘splat’ in the most gloriously messy way possible and put on the most gloptastic of shows.
  • World Gone Sour- 400mspts — Trek through a treacherous house full of pitfalls towards the goal- a human stomach. Git in Ma Bellah! 

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