Horse around with Ubisoft’s new Facebook game, Horse Haven

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Ubisoft seems to have a thing about horses. Last year it acquired the developer behind the very popular Howrse brand, and now it has released a Facebook game that’s all about man’s real best friend.

Horse Haven is very much the Facebook game setup, with the game’s premise described in a press release as:

In Horse Haven, players will inherit a once-legendary horse ranch, now fallen into disrepair. With just a few run-down buildings including a stable and a farmstead, owners will need to rebuild the ranch to its former glory in order to breed, raise and nurture champion horses and compete against friends in special competitions.

So as you get better at the game (read: play for longer), you’ll be raising multiple breeds of horse and giving them custom skin patterns and body markings. Wait… you’re going to tattoo your horses?!?

Someone call PETA!

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  • Oh, man, this game is such a disappointment after Horse Saga.  Buggy as anything, endless wall spam, you need dozens of 'friends' to get anywhere, and unless you are willing to fork out real cash you spend most of your time pulling weeds and scooping poop.  Avoid like the plague unless you are a die hard Farmville fan with money to burn.

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