God of War Ascension announced

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As you all probably heard last night (when this trailer leaked) a fourth God of War title has indeed been announced. The teaser is post-break, but we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this one.

As far as additional info goes- there ain’t any. Sony will have a live streaming event on April 30th though  that’ll kick off at 8am- you can follow it here or here.

In the meantime, if you come up with some burning questions that you’d like to ask the GoW team, just send ’em a tweet @playstation with the hashtag #godofwarascension

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  • I really enjoy the GoW series, so I'm happy to hear about this one – but I've noticed how much the others fell off in price a short time after release, so this probably wouldn't be a day 1 grab for me.  One of the things that really hurts this series is the somewhat limited replay value.  peeople seem to enthe games, beat them quickly, and then sell/trade them in.  I remember getting part 3 for $20 new only a few months after release.

  • Yep me too, I think the Pandora edition (or whatever it was called) dropped down to around $30 before it finally sold out of NY area GameStops

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