Blacklight: Retribution now live and still free to play

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Blacklight: Retribution is a game I know some FPS fans have been following closely. Good news, folks, it’s out of beta and live for all.

If you’re keen to play Perfect World Entertainment’s newest multiplayer run-and-gun game (and remember, it’s completely free to play), head on over to

They’ve also been good enough to throw out some statistics about what happened in the beta. Looks like the community is already healthily behind the game:

• 14 Million Minutes Played
• 280 Million Shots Fired
• 13 Million Agents K.I.A.
• 494 Million Combat Points Spent
• 21 Million GP Earned
• 1.3 Million Headshots
• 300,000 Melee Kills
• 255639 Flags Capped
• 40 Countries Represented

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  • This is one of the most polished F2P game I have played so far. I just need to figure out how to acquire weapons.

    P.S. This is totally random, but if anybody here uses NintendoLife, can you recommend to a beginner student of Japanese in the general discussion of the forums an awesome program called 'Human Japanese'? It's a neat language-teaching program for beginners learning…Japanese. I'd do it myself, but I banned myself (and I'm not ready to come back yet).

  • TaterTots,

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Passed on the message for you. 🙂

    Have you played the previous Blacklight game? If so, can you tell me what changes have been implemented to tighten the game up, because it was a fairly poor first effort. 

  • This is interesting – my son will no doubt eat this up.  I had heard pretty good things about the prior Blacklight game, but he actually went ahead and downloaded the demo of it to my PS3 awhile back and he had some good things to say about it, though he never really played it as much as Black Ops or MW3.  I'll have to show this to him and see what he thinks.

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