Another chapter for The Bard’sTale

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The iOS version of The Bard’s Tale reboot has been getting some love lately in the form of the classic first entries in the series. Get ready to download again because episode 2 is ready.

Last month, owners of The Bard’s Tale got to add the first edition of the game (which was a graphic adventure) onto the current version at no additional cost. Likewise, anyone who downloaded the game fresh got the additional content free of charge as a now standard part of the experience.

Developers inXile are giving fans a bit more yet again, as the second game in the original series, The Bard’s Tale 2, is officially available in the newest update for the App.

“We originally were going to space the original Bard’s Tale releases
one month apart but we decided to move up the release of Bard’s Tale
2 at the same time we were addressing compatibility issues with the
new iPad,” said Brian Fargo, of inXile Entertainment. “We didn’t want
to make the users do another update in just 2 more weeks so it made
sense to combine both of these elements into one release.”

In addition to another go around with the point and click version of the game, users who update (or purchase) the game now will get enhanced visuals courtesy of the Retina display… as long as you have an iPad 3rd gen that is.

You can download the game right here on the App Store or (as if you didn’t know) from your iDevice of choice.

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