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Samurai Sword Destiny headlines this week’s somewhat ‘meh’ list of offerings on Nintendo’s online service. You know it’s not going to be a big week when one of the biggest ‘titles’ is a scribbling app.

In all seriousness though, SSD actually looks pretty cool. It’s an old school, straight forward, hand drawn, side-scroller with some very heavy Asian influence- not too hard on the eyes either. But I guess for six bucks (US) it better be pretty and then some.

On a side note, what happened to the WiiWare stuff? There were some decent offerings for a while there, and then zip. Now we get Zombii Attack? Oof…


  • Samurai Sword Destiny – 3DS – $5.99 — Encounter deadly ambushes, invade enemy castle rooftops and square off against seemingly indomitable opponents to find your missing brother.
  • Quick Fill Q – 3DS/DSi – $1.99 — Q is a spherical creature who rolls on without stopping. Players must use swift thinking and precise controls to fill holes that are in his way so Q can keep on rolling.
  • 3 Heroes-Crystal Soul – 3DS/DSi – $4.99 — As the Crystal Champion, you must protect the kingdom of Crystennia by defeating monsters and collecting various kinds of natural energy released by them.
  • Swapnote – 3DS – free — With the Swapnote application, you can write, decorate and send handwritten 3D notes to people on your friend list via the SpotPass and StreetPass features. To get started, download this application from the Nintendo eShop at no cost.


  • Zombii Atack – Wii – 500 Wii points — Zombii Attack is an arcade survival game. In an infected metropolitan city over-flowing with hungry zombies, you must stay alive armed with a only a giant slingshot and ammo such as anvils, tires, experimental highly-explosive z-bombs and even the undead themselves. The action is fast paced and frantic. You must grab items quickly and slingshot them at zombies before they eat you using the Wii Remote in a realistic natural motion to load and fire. Locate and destroy secret zombie hiding places in order to earn special weapons,ammo, armor and much more. You launch, or you’re lunch, it’s up to you!

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