Bloodrayne: Betrayal’s price sliced on PSN

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It’s a good day for fans of decapitating vampires and superpowered female assassins in skintight leather.

If you’ve never taken a peek at Bloodrayne: Betrayal, it might be the best game in the semi-long running series of vampire killing romps. Featuring an old school, side-scrolling play style crafted by none other thn the modern masters of the genre- WayForward.

Right now, the game is 30% off on the Playstation Network in the US. Playstation Plus members will get be getting a nice little bump too- and extra 20% off the price- that’s half off for the mathematically challenged out there. The sale in the States lasts until the 24th, but the Euro version of the deal gets offset by one 24 hour period both ways. It runs from the 18th (tomorrow) through the 25th.


Want more about Bloodrayne: Betrayal? Right here pal. Want to see what we thought of it? Click here for our full review- Spoiler -We liked it. A lot.

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