It’s ‘Pack’ week on XBLA

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There are a few ‘packs’ of content hitting this week on Xbox Live- four in total, all for some pretty big Holiday season type games. Then there’s also a sale on a title that anyone who likes games that are in any way fun (and occasionally frustrating) will more than likely want to get in on.

 I don’t think it’s all that much of a stretch to say that Halo is a big name franchise- now add Need for Speed, Saint’s Row, and Disney Universe and you’ve got four biggies. All of them see content packs released this week.

Other than that though, there really isn’t all that much going on this week- blame Black Friday. Yes, even if you’re somewhere in the world where the day before has little to no meaning, you’ll be touched in some way by retail’s holiday. Take XBLA for insance, there are going to be some mondo sales on the service, all of which are still under wraps, for both BF and it’s little bro- Cyber Monday.

Between that and Steam’s sure to be awesome lineup of cheap sale games (depending on what shows up, that is) my digital wallet might just break in half.


  • Xotic – a new twist on the twin stick shooter. 800mspts


  • Twister Mania – It’s Kinected Twister! Everybody loves Twister! Right!?! NO?!?
  • Michael Phelps: Push the Limit – Wearing speedos and pretending to swim in front of your Kinect is your business. Although I suppose you don’t have to wear the speedos… wait, forget I said that.

 Avatar Marketplace

  • Halo Anniversary
  • Xbox Celebration (10 years) – get a free ‘fireworks and gift’ prop for your Avatar (till Saturday only!)

Deal of the Week

  • Ms.Splosion Man – 50% OFF
  • Most 2K content is on sale for up to half the regular price

Game Add-Ons

  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Map Pack – 1200mspts
  • Saints Row: The Third Season Pass – 1600mspts
  • Need for Speed: The Run Time Savers Pack – 800mspts
  • Disney Universe: Villians Costume Pack – 240mspts

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