Digitally Downloaded has a new comments system

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If you click on one of our stories at the moment, you’ll notice that we’ve adopted Disqus for our comments.

Disqus is a far more advanced (but just as easy to use) comment system, that will help you keep track of your conversations on our site, and the integration with Facebook, Twitter and other networks will help you stay as connected to our site as you’d like.

Obviously there are going to be a handful of bugs that need ironing out, but bear with us; we thing long term you’ll enjoy chatting with us far more with the new comments system.

Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you get on board our new comments system!

This is the bio under which all legacy articles are published (as in the 12,000-odd, before we moved to the new Website and platform). This is not a member of the DDNet Team. Please see the article's text for byline attribution.

  • Haha!  Nice.  My biggest reason for switching over was simply the "upload photo" feature, as I had two people in the last week mention uploading pictures in the comments, and now it's not only possible, but extremely easy.

    I had held off for the longest time on Disqus, because they didn't have the "import old comments" feature for Blogger for the longest time, and I wasn't going to make all the comments just disappear for a new comment service.  Keith, from, said they had updated it though, and after getting the second picture comment today, I decided to make the switch.

  • Hi Coffee,

    It was your site that convinced me this was worthwhile 🙂 It's a good comments system, I like. The one main bug I can see right now is that the comments that are made here don't appear in the number counter/ link at the top of stories, or on our front page. It's a problem because I can't figure out how to get rid of that link 🙂

    We'll get there though.

  • Hmmm, well I do know that this one day, of ALL the days I chose to implement the system…Disqus is "updating" the import feature, go figure!

    I have heard that it can take time for them to all show up, and switch over, and mine took about an hour(maybe longer) for it to happen.

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