Hardcore strategy gamers rejoice! GMT is entering the digital age

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GMT Games is a board game publisher you might not have heard about, but it’s one that produces some of the finest hardcore military board games you’ll ever play.

We’ve got a review of one of GMT’s games, Samurai, over at sister publication Board and War Games, to give you an idea of what they’re (usually) about. The really exciting news is that GMT Games, through partnerships with various developers, has a large range of games due for PC, Android and iOS platforms.

To start with the games that are furthest down the production cycle, we’re looking at the following games released commercially in the near future:

The Twilight Struggle (PC)
Dominant Species (iOS)

Then there’s the games that are now under agreements, but only in the early stages of development:

Nightfighter (PC)
Dominant Species: The Card Game (iOS)
Winds of Plunder (iOS)
Pacific Typhoon (Android)
Space Empires (iOS and Android)
The Caucasus Campaign (iOS)

And then there’s the games that look like they might happen:

Combat Commander series (Yes, yes please)
Commands & Colors series

Finally, GMT Games is actively looking for development partners for a whole range of its other game properties. The games it’s most interested in seeing, according to its website, are:

Conquest of Paradise
Fields of Fire
Leaping Lemmings
Empire of the Sun, For the People, Paths of Glory
Pax Romana
Santa Fe Rails
The Conquerors: Alexander
The Kaiser’s Pirates
The Napoleonic Wars (and Wellington and Kutuzov)
Urban Sprawl

Needless to say, the potential to have some of these games sitting on the iPad or Laptop for play on the go (hopefully with good AI), has us literally bubbling with anticipation.

Stay tuned for more!

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