White Knight Chronicles 2 requires additional online passes for additional players

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All new copies of White Knight Chronicles 2 will require that players use the online pass included with the game in order to access all of the features. Players with used copies of the game will need to purchase the GeoNet License priced at $9.99 USD off of the PlayStation Store, should they want the full experience. Access to the online features will also be restricted to one PlayStation Network account, so families with multiple users on their PS3s will need to purchase additional GeoNet Licenses for each player.

Without the pass, players are not authorized to post in the discussion board, create an adventure log, create “HomeTowns”, or join online sessions with fellow gamers. Several trophies will also be more difficult to obtain.

While we knew White Knight Chronicles 2 required a pass as early as last June, we have only now learned that it is restricted to one per PSN account, unlike with Resistance 3. Additionally, the situation has been confirmed to be applicable to all regions (as opposed to only Japan).

There have been user reports of technical difficulties redeeming the codes, but these are unconfirmed and may not be a global issue.

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