Digitally Downloaded poll results #3: What genres of games do you enjoy most?

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This was always going to be a varied poll, since there are so many different types of games out there these days.

Here are the results, and remember, people could vote for multiple things this time around, so the total won’t add up to 100%:

Action Adventure (God of War): 41%
Platformer (Mario Galaxy): 25%
Arcade (Pac Man): 20%
JRPG (Final Fantasy): 44%
WRPG (Dragon Age): 25%
RTS (Command & Conquer): 30%
Turn-based Strategy (Advance Wars): 55%
Puzzler (Tetris): 20%
Casual Games (Dance, Guitar Hero, Angry Birds): 20%
Other (Anything else!): 46%

So obviously with all the strategy games we review here, strategy games were always going to go well, but it’s interesting to see that our readers prefer turn based strategy to real time strategy.

It’s also warming to see JRPGs are still more popular than WRPGs. We love D & D, naturally, but JRPGs will always hold a special place in our hearts.

It’s also not surprising to see “other” score so well; after all, our poll didn’t have enough spaces to hold FPSers and Sports games, and who doesn’t enjoy those (well, apparently 54% of people).

But anyway, what do you think of these results? What is your analysis?

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Are there any genres that can’t work on iPad/ iPhone?

Happy voting!

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  • As for the results:

    Little surprised at the share of casual games and puzzle games on here. The strategy games didn't really surprise me, and I am among those who prefers turn-based to real-time strategy, so that was cool to see. Did not expect Action to lodge itself as high as it did either.

    As for ipad voting? I have not had a ton of luck with games that feel like they need controls, like Madden last year or a handful of platformer games. There's certainly some good ones out there, but the direct translation from console to ipad doesn't usually give great results in my opinion.

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