Capcom launches more iOS software

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Capcom’s support for Apple devices continues to increase, as it has now launched two classic ports and more downloadable content for an existing game.

First up is Street Fighter Collection, which features three classic games: Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Champion Edition, and Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting. The games have been ported over with touch control in mind and the entire package will cost $3.99 USD.

Next up is an optimized port of Final Fight. The critically acclaimed beat-em-up will be available for $0.99 USD.

Lastly, two new characters, Yun and Fei Long, will arrive on the scene in Street Fighter IV: VOLT upon updating the game. Additionally, the title’s price will be reduced to $2.99 USD until the 21st of September when it will return to $6.99 USD.

The iOS platform is continuing to be one of the greatest for fans of Capcom’s current and classic games. Are there any games you’d like to see ported over?

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