3DS to receive firmware update in November

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The 3DS got its first major update in June to coincide with the release of the eShop, but the updates after this were mostly minor fixes. Nintendo of America has announced through a press release today that another big update is scheduled for this November.
What will the new firmware bring? The leading addition is the ability to record videos in 3D. While many had speculated that the hardware was not capable of doing this, even after an update, it does appear that the console can handle it.

Aside from minor touch-ups, 3DS users will also see more StreetPass minigames added to the mix – certainly good news for those who have completed them back in April.
Last of all, but perhaps most important, the eShop will be updated. The press release did not specify what the new eShop would include, but here’s hoping we see major features like gifting and a faster interface.

What new features would you like to see in future firmware?

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