Pre e3 Xbox Stats

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Plenty to toot the proverbial horn about was broadcast by the Xbox’s unofficial mascot, Major Nelson, today. Click through here to read the full story (complete with exciting chart!) but the long and the short is that the Xbox 360 is actually picking up steam in the sales department.

Where most other consoles have traditionally lost quite a bit of momentum in their sixth year at retail, the 360 isn’t just holding strong but has seen a monster 29 per cent year on year sales increase and recently broke the 55 million sold plateau. And what of everyone’s favorite online gaming service? 35 million users is a pretty big number.

It’ll be very interesting to see what e3 brings in terms of LIVE Arcade and what’s in store for the now traditional ‘Summer of Arcade’. With this massive upswing in place, we may be in for quite a Holiday ’11. Only a few days away guys and gals…

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