Nintendo eShop error code 005-5691 a new headache for the 3DS

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At a time where Nintendo has been talking up the improvements its made to its online shopping experience, a number of people have discovered that if anything, things have gone backwards – it now seems that just connecting can be a challenge.

A number of people over at the Nintendo Life forums and elsewhere have reported difficulties in accessing the eShop. In that they haven’t been able to do so for days. Instead, they get an “error code 005-5691.” Meanwhile, their other online services, such as online gaming, Friends lists and Internet browsing, are working fine.

The first reported cases started showing up soon after the most recent eShop and 3DS system updates.

Nintendo’s official line is that that error code has to do with traffic congestion through the network as a result of that. In theory that is a nice solution – just wait for things to calm down – but that must be one pretty congested network for people (such as myself) to be unable to connect for five straight days. If this was the PlayStation Network, it would be time to start rolling out the free games.

That’s a joke, but if this is the reason behind the outage for those people, then Nintendo might want to rethink that boast about an improving network. If it’s the cause of other problems (and those problems would appear to be on Nintendo’s end, as all the people reporting the problems, including myself, had access previously), then please fix it quickly, Nintendo. There’s some Virtual Console games I’d like to download.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we find out more. In the mean time, please do let us know if you’re experiencing eShop difficulties as well.

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