Five favourite Frozen Synapse skirmishes (videos)

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We love Frozen Synapse at Digitally Downloaded – it’s one of the most addictive pick-up-n-play strategy games we’ve played in years. So just for fun we’ve got five of our favourite multiplayer games to date to share.

First up is the old story – Sniper vs. Bazooka. Which wins?!?!

Next up is a true classic game of hostage, with a bloodbath in the opening seconds, hostages being used as decoys, and then a gun to the face to finish. It’s drama worthy of an academy award.

The sniper is back, see how deadly he can be…

This was a battle found through random match-up. Perhaps not the most exciting one, except for the time where my guy decided he didn’t want to shoot the bazooka guy (top left at the start of the battle). That bit is comedic gold.

And to finish up, a true classic game of chess-like positioning, precision shooting, tactics and great demonstration of how the game’s fog of war works (neither side can see what the other is doing unless the little men has the enemy in his weapon’s sights):

That’s all for now, but we’ll keep posting up our favourite skirmishes as they come! This is not a game we’re going to get bored of any time soon.

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