Fable III Demo Hits Xbox LIVE

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Really? There wasn’t already an Fable 3 demo? Huh…

Anyway, if you haven’t already played the somewhat underwhelming, but still very enjoyable, third entry in Lionhead and Microsoft’s Fable franchise; then you might be interested in the new demo. You’ll be able to start the revolution and get a little taste of what the full game offers for the grand price of nuttin’.

And only seven months after release- Timely!

Get it here.

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  • LOL – Microsoft recently released a demo of Halo: Reach too – and like this it just cracked me up as being way overdue. Maybe Fable 3 figured that since it was a weaker-than-hoped release, people would buy it initially off of name recognition and didn't want people to play the demo early on?

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