Android hit, Pool Break 1.0, comes to iOS

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Usually the story goes like this: a successful iOS game finds its way to the Android app store. But with Pool Break 1.0, it’s the other way around.

Pool Break 1.0 is a full 3D Pool and Snooker game with both online and AI play modes.

With most Pool games, you get one or two different ways to play. Here, though, there’s not less than eight:

– US 8-Ball
– UK 8-Ball
– 9-Ball
– Snooker (Regular, 6-Reds and 10-Reds)
– 14.1 Continuous (or Straight) Pool
– Pool Drill
– Carrom (Regulat, Hexagonal and Circular)
– Crokinole

Just as surprising for a ‘simple’ downloadable game is the depth of features. From online text chat to in-app help, this game is setting itself up to be the definitive iOS Pool game.

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