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Friday, August 19, 2016

Interview: On being Australia's biggest game developer

Interview by Matt S.

Australia’s largest game developer is Melbourne’s Firemonkeys. The company was formed when Firemint, the developer behind the superb Flight Control, acquired Infinite Interactive (Puzzle Quest) and then merged with IronMonkey after EA required the two of them, which gave the game developer with its current name.

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Since being acquired by EA, the company has specialised in mobile racing games, producing Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, though it was also responsible for The Sims: Free Play. With over 170 staff, the company is one of the relatively few developers of such a scale in Australia that young talent can get their start in the industry and work under the tutelage of a number of veteran developers.

In other words, Firemonkeys is doing really good things for the local industry, and it, along with a couple of other key developers (Big Ant, Hipster Whale), is the reason that Melbourne is such a centre for game development in Australia. Building on that yet further, Firemonkeys has just opened up a new office in the heart of the city.

I recently caught up with the General Manager of Firemonkeys, Tony Lay, to talk about how the Australian game development scene is tracking, and where Firemonkeys sees its business going moving forwards.

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Interview: On being Australia's biggest game developer
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