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Friday, May 2, 2014

May is Metroidvania month; come join the party!

News by Matt S. 

Every month, our good friend Anne over at Chic Pixel organises a community game along, where people are invited to play a game with a specific theme, and then jump on Twitter to chat about their experiences using a dedicated hashtag.

This month it's Metroidvania month, and the hashtag is #MetroidvaniaMay.

Never heard of the Metroidvania genre before? Anne's got a good summary on her blog (which also explains the idea for the community game along in more depth) but as the name suggests, it's a mashup between the styles of two classic platformers; Metroid and Castlevania.

So how will you participate this month? Will you replay a classic, such as Symphony of the Night (often considered to be the grandfather of this sub-genre)? Or will you angle for something newer? Will you go for an indie game, or a more mainstream one, because one of the best things about this genre is that it is relatively easy to develop games for it, so even the smallest indies with some creative ideas can come up with something interesting.

For me personally I might just use this month as an excuse to finally finish Muramasa Rebirth. What a stunning game that is, too.

See you on Twitter!

- Matt S.
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May is Metroidvania month; come join the party!
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