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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Free-to-Play Rise Of Mana looks awesome

News by Matt S.

I know it's cool to hate Square Enix for its free-to-play iOS games, but the upcoming Rise of Mana looks really, really, really good.

This action RPG is the latest in a franchise which, it's fair to say, hasn't really been a big deal since the Super Nintendo Secret of Mana, but there's been the odd highlight long the way. I really enjoyed both Heroes of Mana and Children of Mana on the DS, for instance.

Being free to play means microtransactions, but Square Enix is promising controller support (play this via AirPlay just like you would play a console game! - and has some lovely presentation values - the soundtrack especially is a standout.

Trailer below. Should this be localised, I'm not going to hesitate in trying it out.

- Matt S
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Free-to-Play Rise Of Mana looks awesome
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