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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

MOGA expands with new 'pro' controller

The MOGA controller add-on was already pretty attractive for users of Android handsets who wanted more traditional control for their games, but the new pro that's about to be unveiled at this week's CES just might be irresistible.

Power A will officially reveal the MOGA pro this week, but we've got a good deal of info on the unit to share already courtesy of the company. Basically, think of the pro as a full on console-style controller for your phone. Sound good? It does to me- though touch screen games are improving vastly since exploding onto the scene a few years back, most of the faster titles can still be a little bit on the frustrating side to play 100% of the time.

Yeah the MOGA pro may look a little... uh... 'off' while you've got it attached to your handset, but this is an add-on that console gamers might want to take a serious look at. As you can (sorta) tell from the pic, the pro sports a full compliment of console-centric control options.
Features of the MOGA Pro include a full-sized console-style grips, precision dual analog sticks, 4 action buttons, a classic directional pad, two shoulder buttons, two shoulder triggers, rechargeable batteries, USB charging cord and a tablet stand. Additionally, MOGA Pro comes with the full support of the MOGA Mobile Gaming System, including wireless Bluetooth synching with Android phones and tablets, the MOGA arm that secures phones up to 3.2 inches wide and the MOGA Pivot App.
The MOGA pro (much like the standard controller) is compatible with a pretty impressive range of games from some good to great mobile publishers and developers too (check the list here). That's a big plus given the number of controllers on the market that only play nice with a certain selection of titles.

Look for the MOGA pro to be available (exclusively for the Android operating system) this Spring.
MOGA expands with new 'pro' controller
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