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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review: NinJump (iPod Touch)

I've been spending a lot of time lately with my beloved iPod Touch and one of the latest games I've discovered is an addictive tower scaling game - NinJump.

NinJump is basically a simple 'pick-up and play' game in which you set out to get a higher and still higher score (submitted via OpenFeint) as you jump back and forth between two parallel walls avoiding obstacles and enemy ninjas.

To jump you simply tap your screen and while in mid air you'll automatically slash and dice your enemies. You can collect power-ups and shields which give you very Naruto-esque skills such as a Fire Fox ability which could easily be interpreted as a call out to both Mozilla's Firefox browser and the Nine Tailed Fox sealed up within our favorite knuckled headed, orange jumpsuit sporting ninja, a Thunderbird spell and a Shuriken skill. In order to gain all of these power-ups you must collect three of the same charms. For example: if you picked up three Fox Charms and then grab just one Thunderbird charm you'll lose your hard earned Fox Charms and find yourself back to square one.

All in all I think that NinJump is a 'Ninjitsu' worth taking and although the game might seem to have a lack of depth please keep in mind that this game is a time killer and is aimed at a more casual audience.

- Ryan Sinclair

Review: NinJump (iPod Touch)
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