Abyss Odyssey (PlayStation 3)

South America produces a fine RPG indeed

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

The classic Pen-and-Paper game returns!

Dragon Fantasy: Book 1 (PlayStation Vita)

One for people who grew up on Final Fantasy

Xblaze: Code Embryo (PlayStation 3)

This visual novel is weird but wonderful

One Piece: Unlimited World Red (PlayStation 3)

Luffy and co. meet Monster Hunter

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Pandora: First Contact (PC)

Pandora PC Game ReviewReview by Rob P.

January, 2107. We are the ecologists of the Terra Salvum. Escaping the confines of a dying Earth, we have journeyed to Pandora to give Mankind a fresh start. Here is a new planet, rich with opportunity. A chance to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Smartphone game, Chain Chronicle, receiving anime adaptation

News by Clark A.

Sega's free-to-play JRPG/card game hybrid, Chain Chronicle, has been going strong for a solid year in Japan on both iOS and Android. As of late June, the game racked up somewhere in the ballpark of a whopping $72 million USD for its miscellaneous purchasable content. The IP may well be poised to soar to even loftier heights thanks to the announcement of an anime adaptation.

Early Access preview: Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox (PC)

PC Dungeon Crawler ReviewPreview by Matt S.

I've been playing games for many, many years now, and as much as I love the advances of game development that have given me everything from Skyrim to the Atelier franchise, from Dragon Age to Nier and Drakengard, I can't help but feel nostalgic for a couple of long defunct companies: Sir-Tech and SSI.

Review: Amazing Princess Sarah (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Amazing Princess Sarah Xbox 360Review by Nick H.

Some people have described Amazing Princess Sarah as Metroidvania in style, but really there is almost not Metroid - just plenty of 'vania'.

In terms of the style both visually and how the game plays, this is one of the better Castlevania-inspired titles I have had a chance to play. Remembering that it is a small indie game that sets you back a buck, it is a worthwhile play indeed.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate adds even more characters to its versatile roster

News by Jedediah H.

Until the release of Dynasty Warriors 8, Warriors Orochi 3 was my all-around favourite Warriors title. Because of the 120+ characters, which included my BFF Ryu Hayabusa, and a story free from the restraints of the Three Kingdoms' narrative that allowed said characters from the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises the opportunity to rally wits and weapons against an apocalyptic hydra, I've put more effort into levelling up my characters than I have figuring out how to not stutter in a nervous cadence when addressing a cute woman in high heels. Now, as per the tradition with Warriors titles, with Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, we're spoiled with even more characters, plus new storyline scenarios.

The Last of Us jumps on stage for a one night only performance

News by Shaan J. 

Plenty of video games have managed to jump to another medium; games are occasionally adapted into movies, and less commonly TV shows. And occasionally, video games make it onto the big stage (I personally will always regret missing out on the Ace Attorney musical). The Last of Us, which is already making its way to the big screen, will now be performed on stage, for one night only.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Gadget Review: ASUS MeMO Pad 7

Tablet Hardware ReviewReview by Andrew M.

ASUS is one of the world’s largest computer makers but quite often you’ll have more of a discussion about how to say the name of the company's name rather than talk about each of its individual products (A-Seuss – as in Dr Seuss - for those playing at home). However, sitting down with the MeMO Pad 7, it’s clear that it knows what it's doing in the lower price end of the tablet market. This is a 7-inch tablet that won't hurt your wallet too much - $229 - but still gives you the freedom and versatility that you would expect for a lot more.

Trailer: FIFA 15 gets emotional

News by Matt S.

The FIFA World Cup might be over (congrats to Germany, by the way), but soccer/ football fans won't have to wait long, for the newest instalment of the FIFA franchise is just around the corner, and it's looking good indeed.

It looks like Bladestorm is coming back

News by Matt S.

Thanks to DDNet reader, Astor, for this news tip.

Bladestorm: The Hundred Years war is easily the most underrated game that Koei Tecmo has produced for the PlayStation 3. Released before trophies were even a thing, this game has been all but forgotten in the years since, but it looks like Koei hasn't given up on it.

Review: Abyss Odyssey (Sony PlayStation 3)

Review by Matt S.

Abyss Odyssey poses something of a challenge when it comes to critiquing it. On the one hand it is undeniably a flawed game; a victim of an indie development budget and the lack of development heritage and experience in South America.

See, in places like the UK, America, Japan and Canada, talent breeds talent; aspiring developers get to rub shoulders on a daily basis with industry veterans and legends, and the benefit that has in developing their skills as game designers can't be underestimated. On the other hand, in places like South America, where the games development industry is so young, it's a bit of a "wild west." The developers of Abyss Odyssey, ACE Team, might be one of the largest and is certainly the most talented developer in the region, but it clearly suffers from the lack of infrastructure and talent development around it.

Review: Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (PC)

PVZ Garden WarfareReview by Max S.

I have to start this review with an admission: I have not played enough of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. I haven’t tried out all the modes; I am so bad at the game that I still feel uncomfortably venturing past the beginner's mode Welcome Mat. That mode gives players more health the weaker they are, which is perfect for someone of my skill level. I’m not really that into shooters, anyway, as it’s not a genre I’m exceedingly familiar with or even one I generally enjoy.

Let's have a look at Fairy Fencer f in English, shall we?

News by Matt S.

Fairy Fencer f comes to us from Compile Heart; the same fine folks that produced the excellent Hyperdimension Neptunia series.