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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Capcom announces new Ace Attorney game... that's set in the Meiji period?!

News by Shaan J. 

Capcom has recently announced that a new Ace Attorney game is under development for the Nintendo 3DS, though it isn't a direct prequel or sequel to any of the other games in the series.

Review: Smash Cat Heroes (Nintendo 3DS)

Review by Pierre-Yves L.

Smash Cat Heroes is a new release to the Nintendo eShop and it's a decent take on the button-mashing side of the action RPG genre. Mainly as the name implies, players smash (hack/slash/launch) their way through dual screen environments while fighting against hordes of incoming cats.

Review: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PlayStation 3)

FIFA World Cup Brazil PlayStation 3Review by Chris I.

The excitement is in the air, as soccer (or football, depending on where you live) fans around the world eagerly await the World Cup kick-off in June. To capitalise on the hype, EA Sports has done the inevitable and released 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Given how good FIFA 14 was, the big question is whether this World Cup title has what it takes as a standalone game... or should fans simply wait for FIFA 15 to drop on store shelves later this year?

First Impressions: Selector Infected WIXOSS (Anime)

Anime report by Clark A.

There's no shortage of anime based around card games, but most of them tend to be straightforward shounen affairs more interested in marketing than being a great show in its own right. Selector Infected WIXOSS promises a more psychological approach, with plot elements that emphasise the story and characters rather than the playing cards being advertised in the background.

Alas, just a few episodes in, the plot already seems full of holes, inconsistencies, and dubious character ambitions. These shortcomings are often forgivable in long-running shounen franchises because of the tone those shows seek, but so far they’re crippling this concise and solemn, plot-driven show.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Governor of Poker (Nintendo 3DS)

Review by Jim S.

If you like Texas Hold 'Em poker, then Governor of Poker is a decent game and at a cheap price. Which will be fine for some people, but there isn't much more to it than that.

Trailer: The new Dragon Age finally lands on October 9

News by Matt S.

Dragon Age is a big deal. Despite the second in the series being quite disappointing, the sheer quality of the original, released back in 2009, is enough that Dragon Age: Inquisition is right at the top of our "to play" lists.

Review: Nintendo Pocket Football Club (Nintendo 3DS)

Review by Matt S.

Why can't more games be this much fun? Nintendo Pocket Football Club has absolutely no pretensions about what it is; it's a casual and lighthearted football management sim that aims to replace the sheer depth of other, more serious, football manager games. It seeks to do this by using the most incredibly charming presentation imaginable, while providing players with a simple, easy-to-understand interface to ensure that no one is confused by it.

Brutal Gamer News Wrap: 4/23/14

The newest trailer debuts for BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition debuts, Batman: Arkham Origins' first real story DLC arrives, the Wii U puts up some extremely Dreamcast-like numbers, and we preview the testosterone-fuled shooter BroForce; all in today's BGU.

Review: Ethan: Meteor Hunter (PlayStation Vita)

Review by Pierre-Yves L.

The platforming genre, whether it be action, adventure, puzzle, or something else entirely, has been around for a long time and it’s sometimes hard to find something new and innovative to do that doesn’t give people cause to think “it’s all been done before”. Ethan: Meteor Hunter, to its credit, tries hard to find something new to hook people in, and provides players with something new with some interesting puzzles and traps to navigate through. Sadly, it's simply not that great of a game.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Impressions: Brynhildr in the Darkness (Anime)

Anime report by Harvard L.

You wouldn't be too wrong to assume that the only thing the horror and school romance genres share is a similar name. Lighthearted romances and terrifying carnage don't mix well at all, but then mangaka Lynn Okamoto proved us all wrong with Elfin Lied back in 2002. Now he's back and at it again with Brynhildr in the Darkness, recently adapted to anime by Arms.

Review: Demon Gaze (PlayStation Vita)

Demon Gaze PlayStation VitaReview by Matt S.

Largely untouched by Christian tradition, Japan has a different understanding of demons and other spiritual monsters. Where in Christianity demons are unequivocally evil and beyond redemption; they are the embodiment of faith turned sour, in Japan the closest thing to a demon is an Oni - an impossibly strong spirit-monster. Not evil in the same sense that Christian demons are, the Oni were feared because they possess the power to bow the strongest warriors in what was once a very martial culture.

Fatal Frame (or Project Zero, depending on your region) Wii U bound!

News by Matt S.

It must be a day for horror announcements. Moments after the announcement that the Vita is getting two Silent Hill releases, I spy the news that another struggling console, the Wii U, is getting a new game in my other favourite horror series, Fatal Frame.