Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King (Xbox 360)

DLC fit for elderly, potentially metallic royalty

inFAMOUS: First Light (PlayStation 4)

First light breathes second life into Seattle

Cardcaptor Sakura (Anime)

About as classic as anime gets

Tales of Xillia 2 (PlayStation 3)

A better Tales sequel than the last

Monster (Manga)

Not reading this would be criminal

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Friday 10: Ten last gen games that nearly made me rage-quit on the hardest difficulty

List by Jedediah H.

Everyone likes a top-10 list. They're a bit of fun, and always good for discussion. And so every so often we pull together a "top 10" list. These are here for fun and laughs - we're not pretending that we're the authority of good games taste in the world and this is purely the author's preference. Agree with him/ her or not, it's all good.

TGS 2014 Trailer: Tales of Zestiria

News by Clark A.

There's no shortage of Tales games on the PS3 now - more than half a dozen titles in the series are playable on the system. That hasn't prevented the upcoming Tales of Zestiria from looking like another fun romp through a fantasy world, however.

Review: Tappingo 2 (Nintendo 3DS)

Review by Pierre-Yves L.

Growing up I’ve always loved doing puzzles and crosswords. When Sudoku hit in a big way it was something new and got me excited in puzzles all over again. Now imagine if Sudoku did not use numbers to fill up the blank spaces, but instead used colours that spanned certain amount of spaces to fill up a board, and you get Tappingo 2.

Final Fantasy World Wide Words gets verbose on iOS and Android

News by Clark A.

Here's a little tidbit of news that might've gone under the radar this week, what with Tokyo Game Show hype and all: Square-Enix is transforming Cloud, Lightning, and company into the most reputable keyboard warriors to grace the web. Yep, in the wake of the upcoming Final Fantasy XV and Type 0 HD is this little mobile gem about typing.

DDNet does Japan: Day 2 (The Tokyo Game Show Edition)

Article by Matt S.

It's was second full day in Japan, and this time around it was all about exhausting myself wandering around Tokyo Game Show. With a a record high number of exhibitors (421 organisations from from 32 nations), the sheer scale of Tokyo Game Show was amazing to behold, and while I didn't get to play everything, I did check off an almighty bucket list of games to preview, which you can expect in the coming days and weeks.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Interview: The developer looking to resurrect SSI with Seven Dragon Saga

Interview by Matt S.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw the very exciting news that a small development team of SSI veterans had formed a new company with the express purpose of recapturing the kind of gameplay that made SSI games so appealing to a generation of players.

TGS 2014: Bandai Namco to publish Monster Monpiece sequel

News by Clark A.

Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle, Compile Heart's latest otaku-oriented Vita outing, launched back in May for the Japanese market and its forerunner hit the States around the same time. I can only assume its predecessor, Monster Monpiece, performed decently well because apparently Bandai Namco will be picking up the sequel for release in western markets.

TGS 2014 Trailer: Final Fantasy XV

News by Clark A.

You knew it was coming...eventually. Square-Enix's Final Fantasy XV has been in development for nearly a decade now, changing platforms and monikers several times over the years. It's not often we actually get an in-depth look at the game, though, so Tokyo Game Show seems like the perfect place to release some information about the upcoming JRPG. Or at least tease us some more, depending on your point of view.

Review: Run Like Hell! (Sony PlayStation Vita)

Review by Brad L.

I’m not a big fan of mobile gaming as I often fail to be able to touch touch screens with the preciseness that many of the games on mobile platforms demand. To that end, I find I enjoy them much more when ported to a handheld or console, with a good example of that being Sparkle 2. Run Like Hell!, however, seems more fitting as an instruction rather than a game title, even after it has made its way off the mobile platforms and on to the PlayStation Vita.

Trailer: The Evil Within - run like your soul depends on it

News by Jedediah H.

Maybe you can tell by the manliness of my syntax - I'm not one to scare easily. Place me in any horrific situation with any type of ominous atmosphere and disfigured abomination and I will come out flexing atop the corpse of my would-be gruesome assassin! (I'm actually a huge baby. When I come across a scary creature with an abnormally large head, I arch my spine and retreat in slow-motion, much like Sebastian does in this Tokyo Game Show trailer of The Evil Within.)

DDNet does Japan: Part 1

Feature by Matt S.

So here I am in the middle of Tokyo, all ready for Tokyo Game Show and all the excitement that it entails. My first full day in the city was mostly spent recovering from the flight and acclimatising myself with the humid and warm Tokyo temperature at this time of year.

And I really do mean "warm." The night after arriving I wasn't actually able to sleep thanks to the incredible humidity. Japan's heat surprises most when they visit during Summer, and the first couple of weeks of Autumn are no better. I'm not really complaining because I'd rather not sleep from being warm than not sleep from being cold, but there you go.

Trailer: Alien: Isolation's five-part Survivor Mode will be post-launch content

News by Jedediah H.

Though Alien: Isolation will be available on the 7th of October, the 28th of October marks the day of the availability for the first of five Survivor Mode add-on packs, which will feature three new maps with their own objectives and challenges, a new playable character and variety of enemy types, and hopefully, a crate of organic fibre (to assuage all the pant soiling that's likely to occur after being punctured in the back by an extending jaw).