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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's a week of Miku book reviews! Day 2: Hatsune Miku Graphics: Character Collection CV01 Hatsune Miku Edition

Review by Matt S.

With all the coverage that we've been giving Hatsune Miku and her band of adorable vocaloids, I thought that it would be a good time to review a series of Hatsune Miku (and friends) art books by Udon Entertainment.

Review: Ryse: Son of Rome (PC)

Review by Shaan J.

Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome feels like a game burdened by the advancements the game industry has seen over the last few of years. While I’m sure no one on the development team will freely admit so, Ryse attempts to curate a blood-soaked experience, long before the advent of more modern weapons and firearms, not unlike the God of War franchise. It’s decidedly cinematic nature also takes a few cues from Kratos’ outings, not to mention its grand sense of scale and setting.

Review: Tears to Tiara 2: Heir of the Overlord (Sony PlayStation 3)

Review by Matt S.

Tears to Tiara 2: Heir of the Overlord is the kind of game that you'd expect from a console at the end of its life. It's neither big budget nor high profile, and it is resolutely and unapologetically a game for the genre fans. 

Gadget Review: iHome iBN27 Rechargeable Stereo Speaker

Review by Nick H.

iPhones and iPads are great because they offer so much entertainment on the go. But boy are those speakers in them underwhelming. That's not a problem when you're out and about. That's what headphones are for, after all.

But what about just moving around the house? Take my wife for example. Her iPad goes everywhere with her. She has it in the bedroom. She uses it in the living room. It makes its way into the laundry room if she is doing chores or to our dining room if she is making crafts. She loves to listen to music on it or stream Netflix while her hands are busy, but dragging around a set of speakers, plugging them into the device as well as searching for an outlet is inconvenient, so she usually just deals with the mediocre built-in speakers on the device. iHome's solution is considerably more convenient.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's a week of Miku book reviews! Day 1: Mikucolor: Kei’s Hatsune Miku Illustration Works

Review by Matt S.

With all the coverage that we've been giving Hatsune Miku and her band of adorable vocaloids, I thought that it would be a good time to review a series of Hatsune Miku (and friends) art books by Udon Entertainment.

Review: Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle (Nintendo 3DS)

Review by Nick H.

Tenkai Knights is an anime with a narrative that centres on living bricks called Tenkai. Five young boys on Earth in the year 2034 find a gateway to Quarton, the homework of the Tenkai, and are chosen to become the new guardian Tenkai Knights to battle Lord Vilius. I see a storyline like that and flashback to my childhood days of watching Transformers and Voltron, and I'm reminded how much I loved the associated toys. Unfortunately video game tie-ins tend to fare poorly in circumstances like this, and the nicest I can say about this game is it fares poorly.

Review: Samurai Warriors 4 (Sony PlayStation 4)

Samurai Warriors ReviewReview by Matt S.

Given that I am such a fan of Koei Tecmo's Warriors franchise, people are often surprised to hear that I came to the series quite late. My first Warriors game was, in fact, Samurai Warriors 3 on the Nintendo Wii.

Gadget Review: iHome iB18 Noise Isolating Earphones

Review by Nick H.

We cover a lot of different headsets here, but very few of these massive pieces of quality headgear lend themselves to portability. The thing is, great audio on the go is still very important - perhaps more so than ever. Between our various mobile devices that we always have with us, we want to be able to enjoy our music or games on the go. And, unless you are the kind of bleep that thinks it's appropriate to use the device's speakers in public, you're going to want a decent pair of in-ear earbuds. The iHome iB18 Noise Isolating Earphones fill that need nicely.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Review: Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day (Sony PlayStation 3)

Review by Matt S.

The award for the oddest "game" release on the PlayStation 3 this year will surely go to Short Piece: Ranko Tsukihime's Longest Day. I say that because it's not really a game. Not really.

Review: Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed (Sony PlayStation Vita)

Vita game reviewsReview by Clark A.

Akiba’s Trip: Undead and Undressed surprised me and likely not for the reasons you suspect. Yes, in a game where the player is permitted to indiscriminately shred the clothes off strangers in broad daylight, my biggest takeaway was not the liberty to don the stat-boosting panties of fallen civilians or bash in the heads of pseudo-vampires with a clunky computer monitor. What perplexed me is how a game so firmly entrenched in Japanese and otaku culture didn’t quite seem to accurately capture the spirit of Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

So Hatred looked interesting, and then I found out Nazis are making it

News by Matt S.

A press released arrived in my inbox recently for a game developed by a bunch of Polish folk called Hatred. On the surface this game looks perfectly legitimate - it has proper PR backing it, it is using a well known and respected engine (Unreal), and in the screenshots it certainly looks interesting.

Anime Impressions: When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

Impressions by Clark A.

What happens when five high school students gain such superpowers as time control, elemental manipulation, and flame manifestation? Almost nothing, apparently. In Studio Trigger's comedic When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace, there are neither grand villains to be combated nor the need to thrust vigilante justice upon the populace. There is, however, plenty of classroom inanity that has already surpassed the peaks of similar shows in terms of raw hilarity in a single episode.