Preview: Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (PC)


Coffee Talk was a downright treasure. In fact, I’d argue it got better with each playthrough. I gave it four of five stars in my review (published in January 2020… before the world went to hell in a handcart). I’m not a do-stuff-outside-my-house kind of person – thanks, agoraphobia –…

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Preview: Path of the Midnight Sun (PC)


Last week, I covered news that the JRPG-inspired Path of the Midnight Sun will be launching in January. I was pretty excited about it. It has a strong concept: taking care outside of battles helps within battles. It’s like an entire game based on self-care! Well, I’ve now had the…

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Preview: Horror Tycoon (PC)


Some people like to find ways to murder people in the Sims. I’m not saying I’m one of them (I’m far too impatient) but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. If you take that idea, and put it into a haunted house with a smidgen of plot and some tower defence…

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