Preview: Horror Tycoon (PC)


Some people like to find ways to murder people in the Sims. I’m not saying I’m one of them (I’m far too impatient) but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. If you take that idea, and put it into a haunted house with a smidgen of plot and some tower defence…

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Video: Triangle Strategy: We’re looking at 2022’s game of the year


Video by Matt S. I have had the opportunity to get some hands-on time with Triangle Strategy and I sincerely think, based on early impressions, that this is going to be a serious game of the year contender. The narrative is gripping. The art is gorgeous. The tactical action is…

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Preview: Inscryption (PC)


Preview by Harvard L. I’m surprised that more developers don’t take a systemic approach to horror – we get lots of games that lean away from game mechanics and skill-based interactions, but there’s a richness to be explored within the language of game systems too. Having played Shephy, I’m all…

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