Labyrinth of the Demon King looks like a particularly gritty horror tale

Resident Evil + Silent Hill + King's Field? Yeah, I'm already sold.

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Key Art For Labyrinth of the Demon King

Developer, J.R. Hudepohl, and publisher Top Hat Studios have shared a new trailer for the upcoming Labyrinth of the Demon King – a retro-style horror game with a particularly gritty aesthetic.

Based on the trailer, it’s “found footage” dialed up to 11, and even from the trailer alone there is a grimy claustrophobia conveyed with promises a particularly extreme horror experience.

And then the combat looks like a modern take on a King’s Field or similar, which is great too. In fact, King’s Field was indeed listed as a major inspiration for the game!

From the press release:

  • A first-person survival horror inspired by classic games such as King’s FieldResident Evil, and Silent Hill.
  • Navigate your way through a Labyrinth solving puzzles and uncovering secrets.
  • Fight monsters up close with melee weapons or shoot them from afar. Be careful which method you choose as supplies are limited.
  • Retro-style graphics.
  • Loading screen doors.

You know you’re in retro homage territory when “loading screen doors” is listed as a feature.

This game is only being listed for PC at this stage, with a “2025” release date, so it’s one to keep an eye on, because a lot may change between now and release.

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