Witchy farming sim RPG Garden Witch Life will now launch for consoles alongside PC

Check out the new teaser trailer, too.

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A screenshot from Garden Witch Life.

Watching games progress through development is one of the great pleasures of writing game-related news. I’ve had my eye on indie-developed Garden Witch Life for about three years now. I first heard about it during 2021 when it was known as A Garden Witch’s Life and set to launch for PC. In 2022 Soedesco partnered with FreetimeStudio to publish the future title, which was renamed to Garden Witch Life at the time. (The slightly altered title was unveiled at a Wholesome Direct.) Today, the developer and publisher have announced that the cozy magic farm/life sim will be coming to consoles as well as PC – and it’s launching later this year.

The story begins when you – a small witch from a big city – lose your job and have to move to a faraway small town. Good thing there’s a vacant witch’s house just begging for you to move in and start rebuilding your life! Build a garden, grow plants to use in potions and spells, and build up your friendships with the townsfolk.

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The old magical garden needs to be completely restored… maybe even reinvented. Since you’re a witch, you’ll be growing peculiar plans and ingredients. The garden will also become home to several varieties of critters and spirits. The old house is in desperate need of cleaning, repairing, and upgrading. Before you know it, this strange piece of land will become home!

You’ll improve your magic skills by completing research and brewing experiments in a cauldron that is embraced by an ancient tree. Your tools and knowledge may be lacking at first, but with a lot of effort and a little time you can become an expert complete with great gear.

Garden Witch Life is all about mental balance. Try to be a positive influence on your surroundings and yourself, and your new friends will soon open up to you about their lives. With them, take part in festivals and daily life. The community isn’t always just the locale and the people, and in this case the community has a mysterious history. The island comes complete with secrets, hidden passageways, and ancient texts pointing toward a broken world of the past.

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Developed by FreetimeStudio and published by Soedesco, Garden Witch Life will be released for PC via Steam/Epic, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series this year.

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