Become a village’s new/only shopkeep in prehistoric shop management sim Amber Isle, announced for PC and Switch

Help current residents and attract new ones.

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Artwork for Amber Isle.

If you want an accurate game about dinosaurs, please avert your eyes. Newly-announced shop sim Amber Isle features prehistroic animals from a range of eras, living side-by-side. (Fun fact: Stegosaurus lived more than 80 million years before Tyrannosaurus rex.) And as a bonus, they are all adorable. Amber Isle has the player moving to the village as its new (and only) shopkeep. It’s not easy having to stock everything for everyone, but somebody’s got to do it!

Begin by creating a character, and later on change clothes, crests, and colour to further individualise them. After that, spend your time maintaining your shop, befriending the locals, and improving the village. Amber Isle has seen better days, but improve it and other Paleofolk will want to move into the village. It’s so unfortunate that grumpy inguanadon Mayor Clawsworth is weary of the business, can’t he see you’re trying to help?'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

These Paleofolk are needy, but not not unreasonably so. Maybe the microraptor needs a micro-chair, or the plesiosaur needs waterproof paper. Each customer has unique behaviours and unique requests. They’ll also want to barter so players should expect to haggle, pawn, and counter-offer in order the get the best price possible.

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Your shop is your shop. Customise, name, and run it however you want before using the profits to unlock new shop décor, walls, floors, and more. But above all else: keep those customers happy.

What happens on Amber Isle is also pretty much up to you. You’re the one who is going to rebuild, decorate, and unlock new areas. With enough good happening, other Paleofolk will want to permanently move to the island. There are 48 different Paleofolk in total to befriend: Ice Age mammals, Permian amphibians, marine life, invertebrates, and more.

Developed by Ambertail Games and published by Team17, Amber Isle will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. When that happens, though, remains a mystery.

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