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A limited edition of Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling has been announced, and there’s a new trailer!

I want to play Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling so badly but alas, I will need to wait longer until a release date is revealed. But the information keeps on coming, thankfully. Last week, the physical Limited Edition contents were revealed. It includes a hardcover art book, an audio drama set, a postcard set with display booklet, a steel game case, a reversible cover sleeve, a collector’s box, and an exclusive trading card; pre-orders will open soon on the IFI Stores (North American, European). To make this news that much sweeter, an opening movie trailer dropped as well.

Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling brings players back to the city of Los York (from the original Cupid Parasite). It continues the story of a matchmaker experiencing her first love. It’s the start of a new chapter. But a mysterious new creature has appeared in the city; is it a divine message or evidence of an unknown civilisation? There are three different modes. After Drama is a follow-up to the original Parasite 6. New Parasite follows a new character, Merenice Levin, of the events that take place after Cupid Parasite’s common route. Bonus Episode has – you guessed it! – bonus episodes! Six to be exact, each with their own unlockable CGs.

Developed by Idea Factory and published by Idea Factory International, Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling will be released digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch later in 2024.

Words control everything in Cryptmaster, launching for PC in May

Cryptmaster is a bizarre, dungeon-crawling adventure that involves fantasy fishing, boisterous bard battles, and radically overly-righteous rats. But always remember: the Cryptmaster is a stickler for words, so stay cautious. Fill in the blanks with text or voice; use this to uncover lost abilities, embark on quests, and solve riddles.

Travel through mysterious underground kingdoms to meet talking doors, flirty toads, sarcastic ghouls, and more. Battles are controlled by words: decipher spells, then bring up their names in battle. Each encounter has multiple solutions. Gameplay mechanics sometime switch up so players will also be creature collecting, card combatting, and rap-battling.

Developed by Paul Hart and Lee Williams, and published by Akupara Games, Cryptmaster will be released for PC on May 9.

Peculiar adventure Indika launching this May for PC, consoles

Indika seems like a very unique game, and I mean that in the best way possible. It is described as a bizarre journey of self-discovery with mechanics like prayer time, daily chores, loss of sanity, and a handy devil companion. Announced last October, Indika’s development team has had quite the journey: all 16 members moved from Russia to Kazakstan. They left because Odd Meter was already making games that walked a fine line (if this line was crossed, criminal prosecution was a very real possibility), but after the invasion of Ukraine staying in Russia became both physically scary and morally difficult. So when taking into account the game’s story (I’ll get to that) and mechanics, plus the team making some very difficult choices, for me there’s only good reasons to purchase it when it launches this May.

Indika seamlessly blends narrative with environmental puzzles and platforming elements. It touches on themes not often found in video games, like sorrow, sin, and ethical dilemmas. Indika is a nun. Is it within her power to intevene in God’s design, or will any kind of effort be futile? Then there’s Ilyia, steeped in sin but claiming that God has spoken to him. There’s also a devilish presence lurking behind Indika, threatening her with grief and asking thought-provoking questions that are better left unanswered.

Developed by Odd Meter and published by 11 bit studios, Indika will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series on May 8. Some of Indika’s revenue will be donated to help children in Ukraine affected by the war.

The Chinese Room’s next narrative horror game launches in June for PC, consoles

Still Wakes the Deep absolutely terrifies me. There are two vast places I do not like to even think about: outer space, and underwater. The idea of being underwater in an expansive body of water is unfathomable to me… but Still Wakes the Deep looks awfully tempting regardless. The deeply personal character study is also a ’70s period piece and an oil rig explorer, inspired by The Thing and the atmosphere of Rosemary’s Baby. And it will be coming to PC and consoles this June.

The above release date trailer was revealed at last week’s Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2024 and shows off the oil rig located off the coast of Scotland. It also give prospective players their first glimpse at the unknowable horror. In the game, navigate the perilous, sinking oil rig with nothing more than wits for protection from both whatever entered the rig and the roiling sea below.

Developed by The Chinese Room and published by Secret Mode, Still Wakes the Deep will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series on June 18.

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