Wholesome adventure game Cozy Caravan announced for PC, launches in Early Access this year

It's just too cute!

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The key art for Cozy Caravan.

Last week, I got an e-mail from Wholesome Games that included two new game reveals. I was taking a few days away from DDNet at the time, and so I didn’t get the chance to write about it. Now, though, one of those games has officially been announced via a trailer. Cozy Caravan is a single-player, top-down adventure game. Set in a cozy world, the arts of crafting, trading, and exploration come together beautifully. It is set to launch for PC in Early Access sometime this year.

Travel across picturesque landscapes in your caravan. Your best friend Bubba is along for the right. Set up a mobile market in each new town. Craft items through delightful mini-games before setting up your market and trading with the locals. Cozy Caravan includes a variety of characters, each with the own stories and quests to deepen the sense of connection and community.

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There is a character creator that allows you to make your own cute persona before setting out on the journey. While Bubba is a constant at your side, there may be the change to give someone a lift. Stop at each town to say hello to the townsfolk and join in on fun activities.

While gathering resources, you can help out the locals while also stocking up the caravan. The game oozes with small-town charm, and the characters seem super friendly.

The first Early Access version of Cozy Caravan allows players to explore the first region, Farmland. This includes quests, characters, and activities. On Steam, the developer states that there is a chance of a full launch in late 2024, but it’s very possible that it gets pushed back due to player feedback or unforeseen development roadblocks. The second Early Access version of the game includes a second region. Unfortunately, that’s really all for now; the developer is working on other regions but they may not be ready for the 1.0 release and instead gets added through updates.

Developed and published by Brisbane-based 5 Lives Studios, Cozy Caravan will be released for PC via Steam in Early Access later in 2024.

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