February 2024 Podcast: Accessibility, Lunar New Year, and more!

We're back for the new year!

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Digitally Uploaded Podcast

In the first episode of 2024, we start by looking at all the upcoming game releases for February 2024. This year has been off to an incredible start, and the momentum continues this month. Big time.

Enhancing Gaming with Accessibility

From Final Fantasy to Sony games, we investigate the strides taken in gaming accessibility in this episode. We explore the convenience provided by features such as “easy story-based mode” in action-based games, the challenge in making boss battles work without relying on grinding experience, and how to optimise games based on personal comfort settings.

Unearthing the Cultural Element in Gaming

We then dive into the minimal representation of the Chinese Lunar New Year in games. Yes, some popular games like Overwatch do something, but many others miss out on a big opportunity to share diverse cultures.

Thank you as always for tuning in, and welcome to a new year of the Digitally Uploaded podcast!


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