Vampire Therapist, launching in June, uses real therapy to examine vampires from various time periods

If only "vampire therapist" was a real job...

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This is a weird one, folks, and I’m already obsessed. The debut title from Little Bat Games, Vampire Therapist allows players to deconstruct vampire psyches from different historical periods across several thousand years. They are immortal, after all. And an immortal life of bloodlust caries a high emotional tariff. The game, announced today, will be released for PC via Steam in June.

Step into the shoes of Sam, a former cowboy and full-time vampire. He’s trying to find meaning in his long, long non-life. He ends up getting the help of a 3,000-year-old therapist undead reformed warrior and assassin named Andromachos. But Sam can’t possibly be the only vampire needing therapeutic help, right?'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Other blood-suckers have varying problems, from agoraphobia (I feel you there, whoever you are) to narcissism. Players must help the vampires realise that they can still live without being alive. All of the techniques in the game have been created with the help of licensed therapists to give it an authentic message.

Vampire Therapist mixes a dark European nightlife setting with comedy, similar to What We Do in the Shadows and Horrible Histories. It merges introspective subject matters with heartfelt characters. The characters are written and voiced by Cyrus Nemati (Hades) and the expressive character design is by Sibylle Hell (Sea of Solitude).

“Vampire Therapist springs from a belief that humanity could have always benefited from therapy. By providing a playfully dark, yet cozy experience, we hope to demystify therapy and show how it can be helpful to anyone, no matter how old they are,” said Cyrus Nemati, Creative Director of Little Bat Games, via a press release.

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Developed and published by Little Bat Games, Vampire Therapist will be released for PC via Steam on June 17.

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