Toge Productions announces two new titles during its 15th Anniversary Direct

Today's announcements lean into the mysterious.

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Toge Productions is probably best known for developing the Coffee Talk series, but it has been around for significantly longer. The developer/publisher streamed Toge Productions 15th Anniversary Direct earlier today. Alongside sale announcements, it announced it would be publishing new titles from The Wild Gentleman and Mojiken Studio (which was acquired by Toge Productions last year).

Most recently, Toge Productions developed (via Mojiken) and published A Space for the Unbound. In 2020, Matt interviewed Eka Pramudita Muharram from Mojiken regarding the game; you can read that here. It’s been involved (either via developing or publishing) with titles such as Vanaris Tactics, When the Past was Around, and She and the Light Bearer. Most of its games are for sale over on Steam, if you’re interested.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

The first featured game being published by Toge Productions is Moses & Plato – Last Train to Clawville. The game is part of the World of Wilderness, a universe created by developer The Wild Gentlemen that includes titles like Chicken Police – Paint It Red, Zipp’s Café, and the yet-to-be-released Chicken Police – Into the Hive!

Moses & Plato – Last Train to Clawville is an investigative adventure. Detective duo Moses Wildflower and Plato Manuel Palladias are in a high-stakes investigation on a moving train after an ambassador is killed and you are accused of the murder. Interrogate suspects, sniff out clues, use your animal instincts, and solve the case before the train gets to its destination.

The next title, which is available now for PC via Steam – for free! – is Test Test Test, created by Mojiken Studio during an internal game jam.

Unlike A Space for the Unbound, Test Test Test isn’t really heartfelt or emotional. Instead, it tests your brain. It’s a pixel art point-and-click adventure where you are an overworked office employee trying to escape a time loop. Find clues, gather information, and solve cryptic puzzles.

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