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Physical editions and a free game.

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Please, Touch the Artwork 2 launches next month – for free!

2024 is the 75th anniversary of Belgian modern art pioneer James Ensor’s death, and his art is the heart of Please, Touch the Artwork 2. Announced in November, it is a sequel to a game all about Piet Mondrian’s artwork. There are two parts of the news I have to share about it. First, the game is set to launch in February for iOS/Android and PC/Mac. Second, it will be free! Like, free free. No ads, no hidden fees, no DLC – free for players to enjoy. This is due to the support of the Flemish Government on the occasion of the Belgian EU Presidency 2024.

Please, Touch the Artwork 2 has players assisting a skeleton artist to navigate a surreal, hand-painted universe while collection objects for its inhabitants. There are five distinct worlds, each filled with Ensor’s art, where you can find hidden treasures and unravel the mysteries within. Controls are point-and-click, with a zoom function to see intricate details. If a player gets stuck, they can request a hint to point them in the right direction. The simple controls combined with the existence of hints should allow for a cozy, frustration-free adventure.

Developed and published by Thomas Waterzooi, Please, Touch the Artwork 2 will be released on February 19 for iOS/Android and PC/Mac via Steam.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters launches for Xbox in April

By the time Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters launches for Xbox, it will officially be available on every current-gen and last-gen console. In the game, Nepgear leads the Goddess Candidates to investigate an abandoned laboratory while the Goddesses are responding to a distress call from the PC Continent. Nepgear and the Candidates are then trapped in a deep sleep capsule by the Ashen Goddess. They awake two years later to a world where the rPhone is dominating the market because the Trendi Outbreaks are keeping everyone isolated in the homes due to monsters outside. The phone can actually be used in gameplay, allowing players to take on side quests.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will be released for Xbox both physically and digitally. Digital pre-orders are open now via the IFI Online Store, and digital pre-orders will be announced at a later date. Both the physical and digital release of the game include the Swimsuit Outfits. There are two physical editions, standard and Day One (UK/EU). The Day One edition includes the game, a reversible cover sleeve, a set of five postcards, an exclusive trading card, four stickers, a B2 cloth poster, and a collector’s box.

Developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart, and published by Idea Factory International, Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters will be released for Xbox Series and Xbox One on April 16. It is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. It launches for Nintendo Switch on January 23.

Library battle simulation Library of Ruina launches in Japan this April, “this spring” worldwide

Already available for PC and Xbox, library battle simulation game Library of Ruina is set to come to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in the coming months. The Japanese launch date has been set for April, but the worldwide release date still remains a mystery. The PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game feature full Japanese voice-overs and include the in-game digital soundtrack and art book, plus developer commentary.

Become a Librarian and fight for the library. Invite guests in then battle them using cards and dice. Upon defeat, guests become books. Books can be a librarian’s body, materials to grow the Library, or new battle cards. Use them as the parts of invitations. Quality books summon guests with greater secrets. Eventually, find the one absolute book.

Developed by ProjectMoon and published by Arc System Works, ProjectMoon will be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 25 in Japan. It will launch “this spring” worldwide, so presumably not far off from the Japanese launch. It is currently available for PC and Xbox One.

Physical editions for Sea of Stars are coming in May

As Matt states in his review for Sea of Stars, the game is a JRPG made for JRPG fans by JRPG fans. The game, inspired by ’90s role-playing classics, launched digitally last year. Last week, a new accolades trailer was released alongside the news that the game will be getting physical editions this May. Sea of Stars features dynamic combat, engaging exploration, a gripping story, and a rich universe that could be seen as a supplemental adventure for fans of The Messenger (it’s by the same developer).

The Retail Edition will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch; it will include a double-sided poster and soundtrack downloads. The iam8bit Exclusive Edition includes a retro-inspired game manual, a collectible slipcase, a poster with original art and a game map, a soundtrack download, 16 character sticks, and a 2xLP vinyl soundtrack.

Developed by Sabotage Studio, the physical editions of Sea of Stars are created in collaboration with iam8bit; they will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series on May 10.

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