Sanrio is collaborating with Puzzles & Dragons for the sixth time

Enter '70s Hello Kitty!

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The key art for the sixth Sanrio x Puzzles & Dragons collaboration.

Mobile match-three game Puzzles & Dragons has been going strong since 2012. Sanrio was founded as a a social communication business in 1960, but really became the Sanrio we know in 1973. Hello Kitty was created in 1974, with her first product launching in 1975. Her world has just kept expanding since then, including five collaborations with Puzzles & Dragons. Today, a brand new Sanrio Characters Collab started; it runs through January 29 (18:00 PST). It brings lots of character variants to the game, as well as eight event-exclusive dungeons.

Players can now overcome any puzzles with the help of bewitching Sanrio Characters, including Good Day Hello Kitty, Blackbird Bad Badtz, and Wish Me Mell. These characters can be found by pulling the Sanrio Characters Egg Machine and the Sanrio Characters Memorial Egg Machine; the latter grants a free pull to any player who logs in during the collboration.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Hello Kitty can become a Master of the Great Witches by participating in the eight event-exclusive dungeons. Sanrio Characters Collab lets players battle for a change to earn items. Skill Leveling Dungeon Sanrio Characters rewards players who use characters with the same Skill as enemy characters. REMDrapurin Descended! rewards players who defeat a randomised boss (REMDrapurin or Diamond REMDrapurin) get a guaranteed drop and one pull as a first-time clear reward. Multiplayer! REMDrapurin Descended! is a three-player mode of this. Sanrio Characters Land benefits those who lead their team with a Sanrio Characters collaboration character, promising a special Assist Evolution for the defeated boss with a 100% drop rate. As a first-time clear reward, receive 4-PvP Icon Cinnamoroll and Event Medal – Black. Further rewards can be gained using specific characters as leaders. Multiplayer! Sanrio Characters Land! is a three-player mode of this. Hello Kitty Title Challenge! has players use a fixed team and clear within a certain time limit; the first-time clear reward is the Hello Kitty title. Finally, Cinnamoroll Title Challenge! has players used a fixed Helper and clear within a certain time limit; the first-time clear reward is the Cinnamoroll title.

At the Monster Exchange, trade event Medals from the Sanrio Characters Collab dungeon and Event Medal – Black. The Monster Exchange features event-exclusive characters like ’70s Hello Kitty.

Master of the Great Witches, Hello Kitty. From the 6th Sanrio x Puzzles & Dragons collaboration.

Since Puzzles & Dragons is F2P, it kind of needs to make money. Enter in-app purchases. There are some collaboration-exclusive bundles available (from most to least expensive): 30 Magic Stones & Kuromi the Great King Egg Machine, 30 Magic Stones & Ideal Cinnamon Egg Machine, 20 Magic Stones & Master of the Great Witches, Hello Kitty Egg Machine, 20 Magic Stones & New SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine, 20 Magic Stones & star6+ SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine, 15 Magic Stones & Cogimyun Egg Machine, and 1 Magic Stone & SANRIO CHARACTERS Egg Machine.

From GungHo Online Entertainment, Puzzle & Dragons is available to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

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