Planet Zoo heads to the heart of Eurasia with the Eurasia Animal Pack

There's also a free base game update available.

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The key art for Planet Zoo's Eurasia Animal Pack.

In September, Planet Zoo went to Oceania for inspiration; later this month, it will be heading to the diverse, breathtaking landscapes of Eurasia. The paid DLC, Eurasia Animal Pack, introduces eight new species from the largest continental area on the planet. Guests will observe each animal’s unique behaviour thanks to detailed new animations. A new Campaign Mode scenario is also included. For all Planet Zoo players, a free base game update will also be released at the same time.

The animals are at the heart of the DLC. The colossal Wisent can traverse deep snow with ease. The fearless Wolverine loves to climb and rest on branches. The graceful Mute Swan may be quiet, but it sure turns heads thanks to its large wingspan and underwater foraging behaviour. Wild Boar piglets will trot alongside their mother. The curious Saiga explores the habitat with its snout.

The other animals in the new roster include the horned Takin, the remarkably agile Sloth Bear, and the Hermann’s Tortoise with its distinctive keyhole shell pattern.

In a new Campaign Mode scenario, aspiring zookeepers get to put their management skills to the test. Bernie Goodwin is back, this time with a secret mission tasking players with designing and building a zoo as a surprise retirement gift for Nancy Jones (what a totally normal gift). Bernie will have to keep his plans concealed, though, or else Nancy might catch on.

Free Update 1.16 is for all players of the base game and includes extras, enhancements, and quality of life updates. There is a brand new, customisable Souvenir Shop where guests can purchase a memento. New Flexicolour Multiselect Mode allows players to select and recolour multiple objects. And there are new colour morphs for the Bengal and Siberian Tigers.

Developed and published by Frontier Developments, Planet Zoo is currently available for PC via Steam. The Eurasia Animal Pack and Update 1.16 will be released on December 13.

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