Protect the Illuminated Library in co-op action roguelike Vellum

Harness magical inks to protect renowned stories.

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A screenshot from Vellum.

Today, Alvios Games announced its upcoming 1-4 player co-op action roguelike game, Vellum. Play as a Scribe protecting the stories contained within the Illuminated Library. Dive into magic tombs to sling inky spells, discover pages of power, and – this is really cool – choose how your foes evolve. The game also promises to be chock-full of high-quality literature puns. It is set to launch in Early Access for PC next year.

In Vellum, players craft their own Scribe with colourful ultimate and signature powers; there are 70 possible loadout combinations. As a team, invoke majestic powers to enhance individual builds through the mystical Font. There are hundreds of build-making combos to uncover, so each 30-minute (approximate) session feels fresh due to having its own challenges and discovery.

As Scribes evolve, so do their enemy (the Torn). Players actually choose what upgrades and spells become granted to the Torn. This gameplay mechanic is the core of each run. There are over 100 Torn Pages to choose from. It will require strategy and critical thinking when contemplating how to defeat the Torn and whatever dangers lay beyond.

Here’s a couple examples of that strategy. If a Scribe can dodge arrows raining from the sky, why not give the Torn that ability? Or maybe a Scribe can breach a floating shield. Players can freely express their strengths and confidence when choosing traits for the Torn.

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Each team has access to over 300 powers. All are build-makers, none are filler. The team can invoke majestic powers through the mystical Ink Font, combining with individual builds. To increase the challenge, players can choose to affix bindings to their Tomes; greater challenge means greater rewards.

Developed and published by Alvios Games, Vellum will be released in Early Access for PC via Steam in 2024.

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