The new My Time at Sandrock trailer introduces several characters

Greetings from the Wild West!

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My Time at Sandrock is a wholesome sandbox RPG that’s part Wild West adventure, part building/farming sim. In this sequel to My Time in Portia, new people are (almost) always welcome in the charming little community of Sandrock. Today, a new trailer was released that shows off some of the 40+ all-new characters and what their specialty is, from shopkeeps to cooks.

Sandrock is a fascinating little city nestled deep within the Wild West. It was ravaged years ago, and now it’s up to you (plus your tools and skills) to restore it to its former glory. The game is wholesome yet adventurous. Search for mysteries and hidden treasures while on a galloping horse, then use the resources you’ve found to reconstruct the city and cultivate its land. Build and customise your headquarters as well as city buildings, craft and upgrade modern tools and machinery, revive farming and ranching, and fix damaged technologies.

Players will start off as the new builder in town, creating hundreds of items to decorate, assist with community requests, and gift to the town’s residents.

As I mentioned, there is a huge cast of characters. Each has their own story to tell. Help them fulfill their dreams, but also save their homes from bandits, monsters, and anything else the desert might throw your way. There’s lots to do with your new friends in Sandrock. Take them out to the local saloon, challenge them in mini-games, and attend events and holidays to unlock new dialogue and quests. You can even invite all your new friends to your place for dinner and drinks. Each quest is a piece of the rich tapestry of narratives in the game.

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One of the most anticipated elements of My Time at Sandrock is multiplayer mode. It will launch for PC on November 2, but won’t hit console versions until midway through next year.

Developed by Pathea Games, and published by PM Studios and Focus Entertainment, My Time at Sandrock will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on November 2. Its PlayStation 4 version has been delayed to a later date (unfortunately, as that’s what I asked for when I backed it).

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