The Forest Cathedral is launching for PS5 on Halloween

Inspired by an environmental sciences book.

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The key art The Forest Cathedral. The background is a forest. In the foreground, up top, is the game's logo. Below is a human with its skeleton superimposed on top of it. There are two eagles in the sky and many dead fish on the ground. There is another full skeleton sitting on the ground, reaching for the person.

Whitethorn Games is a publisher I like to keep a close eye on, as its variety of games is nearly unmatched. Its catalog includes cozy games Apico, Calico, Botany Manor, Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island. Cozy games aren’t the only thing in its portfolio, though. Enter The Forest Cathedral, which first launched for PC and Xbox in March 2023. The first-person environmental thriller inspired by the events of scientist Rachel Carson’s life is now set to come to PlayStation this Halloween.

The Forest Cathedral is inspired Rachel Carson’s investigation of DDT, a now infamous harmful pesticide. The main character is literally named Rachel Carson. It is a dramatic reimagining of Carson’s environmental science book Silent Spring. Play as Rachel, who has taken a field research biologist position on a mysterious island. She begins by completing weekly tasks, but soon she starts to learn that things aren’t as they seem.

Slowly uncover the horrific effects of the pesticide by using advanced environmental technology to complete puzzles that combine 3D exploration and 2D platforming. Many will try to silence Carson, but the truth always finds a way to reveal itself.

Switch control between Carson in the 3D world and the “Little Man” inside the 2D world, contained within her advanced environmental scanning tools, to solve puzzles and platforming challenges. In the 3D world, explore a meticulously-crafted forest island filled with dense trees, animals, fish, and insects – all of which are impacted by the dangerous effects of DDT.

The game is fully voiced, allowing players to really emotionally invest in the harrowing history of the attempt at silencing Carson. It is all backed by an enchanting original soundtrack.

Developed by Brian Wilson and published by Whitethorn Games, The Forest Cathedral will be released for PlayStation 5 on October 31. It is currently available for PC via Steam and Xbox Series.

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