PowerWash Simulator VR launches this November

The soothing sim gets more real.

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The key art for PowerWash Simulator VR. In the background is a red two-story house and a blue van. In the foreground are three people dressed head-to-toe in protective gear: one in blue, one in green, and one in pink.

It’s honestly a bit of a bummer that I’m writing about PowerWash Simulator VR‘s launch while the original game broke months ago for me on Nintendo Switch, but that’s my own issue. If I could play in the VR format (migraines prevent me) I’d still be jumping on PowerWash Simulator VR in an instant. The original is incredibly soothing, almost meditative, and I can only hope that the experience translates well to the VR platform. Today, it was announced that PowerWash Simulator VR will launch for Meta Quest in November.

PowerWash Simulator VR puts players at the centre of Muckingham, a perpetually filthy place. The career mode involves starting small (like a van) and working your way up to massive projects (like an entire subway station or a Ferris wheel). The game includes the good clean fun of the base content from PC and console versions – I can’t imagine all the DLC will be translated but who knows, playing the SpongeBob levels in VR may be too tempting to resist developing it. There is still the ability to play in co-op multiplayer.

The VR edition of the game includes a host of VR-specific features, like precise 1:1 motion control deliveries through the Quest Touch controllers and 360-degree immersion. Pick out the perfect outfit and correct equipment from the back of the van, and change nozzles on the fly with the brand-new tool belt.

Developer FuturLab turned to VR veteran nDreams (Synapse, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord) to take PowerWash Simulator to VR. “We’ve dreamt of bringing PowerWash Simulator to VR since its conception and are so excited to finally announce a release date,” said Kirsty Rigden, Co-CEO of FuturLab, in a press release. “Soon players will be able experience Muckingham from a whole new angle by reaching, crouching, and getting up close and personal with dirt. With assistance from nDreams, we’re thrilled to be able to carve out this virtual space for our community to relax, wash away their worries, or just kick back with friends.”

PowerWash Simulator VR will be released for Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest Pro on November 2. Pre-order the game now via the Meta Quest store to receive an exclusive pair of cat-themed in-game gloves at launch.

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