Soulslike platformer Salt and Sacrifice is coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch

Launching alongside a free update.

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A screenshot from Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sanctuary is already available on multiple platforms, including PC via Epic and PlayStation consoles. Today, the developers announced that the million-selling soulslike platforming RPG would be coming to PC via Steam (expecting Steam Deck Verification) and Nintendo Switch in early November. At the same time, a free update titled The Traitor’s Tomb will be launched across all platforms.

In the game, Corrupted Mages are prowling Altarstone Kingdom and terrorizing the realm with horrifying displays of elemental abilities. As a result, a collection of conscripted fighters become champions. Marked Inquisitors are forsaken and condemned souls tasked with hunting Mages as a way to pay their penance, and they must take up the task of purifying the kingdom in order to find their redemption.

Players choose from one of eight character classes, allowing them to customise their combat style. Swing greatswords, roll through enemies then unleash a fury of dual-bladed strikes, or sling sorcery. Scour the land for clues leading toward foes and their wicked magic. Crush the hearts of defeated Corrupted Mages to claim otherworldly flesh and bones to craft into new weapons and armour. Explore a detailed world full of deadly enemies and hidden secrets.

Play alone or on co-op mode, with cross-play support added in the 2.0 update. The update also increases the game’s map size by 20% by adding The Heart of Altarstone, a winding dungeon where players seek the truth behind the Marked Inquisitions secrets. Encounter new NPCs, overcome trials versus five new bosses, and collect a lot of new weapons and armour.

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The update also introduces a new arena mode, where daring inquisitors can test their mettle in six-player free-for-all PvP matches.

Developed by Ska Studios and Devoured Studios, and published by Devoured Studios, Salt and Sacrifice will be released for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on November 7. It is currently available for PC via Epic, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

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