Catan – Console Edition is launching for Nintendo Switch next month

Finally, this game goes handheld.

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The key art for Catan – Console Edition. The sun rises over a gameboard made up of different hexes.

An official adaptation of the popular strategy board game, Catan – Console Edition first launched for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One back in February 2023. That means that fans of the game who prefer Nintendo Switch got left out… or at least they did until now. Catan – Console Edition will be launching for the platform in early November. Players will experience the game coming to life alone, or with friends and family.

The game immerses you into a vibrant animated board that is populated with characters farming and mining, sheep roaming, and the Robber waiting for the perfect moment to make a move. Ships occupy the harbours, and settlements and cities appear as players continue to build and trade with each other. Earn Victory Points by doing things like building the longest road or amassing the largest army, building cities and settlements, and using Development Cards tactically.

There is also DLC available for the game, The Helpers. The Helpers expansion adds new strategy to the base game by introducing 12 characters (The Helpers). Each one brings their own specialized skills to give players a strategic advance in developing communities. The rules of victory remain the same, but the way to get there just gets more interesting.

A screenshot of Players 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Catan – Console Edition.

Catan has always been about playing together, and there are a couple ways to do this with Catan – Console Edition. There’s the Card Companion on smartphones, so players can gather around one TV without risking seeing each others cards. There’s also cross-play with other platforms, so users from different consoles can still play together.

There are three editions of the game available. The Standard version includes the base game. The Deluxe version includes the base game and championship maps. The Super Deluxe version of the game includes the base game, championship maps, and The Helpers expansion. Both the championship maps and The Helpers can also be purchased separately.

Developed by Nomad Games and Dovetail Games (which is also the publisher), Catan – Console Edition will be released for Nintendo Switch on November 9.

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